5 ways Milo makes scoring home loans simpler for everyone

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May 15, 2023 5 min read

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5 ways Milo makes scoring home loans simpler for everyone

In the United States, owning property is a widespread dream — and for good reason. Without worrying about rent or landlords, you can really carve out a life of your own and start increasing your assets and investments. Home loans are the norm for most buyers, but with the difficulties that come with serving non-traditional customers, many non-traditional customers and international consumers are unable to secure them at fair rates.

Milo was born from a need to do things differently and bridge this gap. Here are five competitive advantages you receive when you work with Milo.

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Foreign investors and entrepreneurs are welcome

At Milo, we extend a warm welcome to foreign investors and entrepreneurs who are seeking mortgage solutions. We understand that mortgage lenders often focus their resources on more ‘mainstream clients’ and as a result individuals such as foreign consumers without a social security number, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, who don't fit the traditional mold of W2 wage earners, may receive less attention.

However, despite the lack of attention they receive, foreign investors consistently prove their value to the economy. In fact, according to 2018 NAR reports, Florida alone witnessed more than $16 billion in foreign property investment.

At Milo we recognize the unfairness in the current marketplace and have adjusted our practices accordingly. We firmly believe that not havinga social security number or a traditional W2 job should not hinder your search for a home or investment property.

With Milo, you have the opportunity to access your interest rate today, even without an SSN.

Milo is fully digital

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It's been awhile since we entered the digital era. Until recently, however, trips to the bank were commonplace. This included tedious lines and in-person meetings (that's right, maybe even more than one sit-down convo).

And while person-to-person interaction can be a good thing, Milo manages to maneuver through the digital space with an utterly personal approach. With us, there are no bank visits required for any home loans, no matter who you are.

We're a direct lender, which means that there's no middlemen involved in the process. This simplifies the process tenfold, cutting back on documents and fees to leave you with a high-quality home loan.

We not only offer a fully digital application process for our consumers, but a fully remote closing process as well.

Fair mortgage lending interest rates, period.

High interest rates are a common practice in the world of home loans, especially when you're dealing with foreigners or other atypical consumers in the US. This is true despite the fact that lower interest rates directly contribute to nationwide economic growth and wealth accumulation.

We won't sting you with high interest rates because of your economic profile. In fact, we won't sting you with high interest rates at all. The next time you see a 10-15% interest rate on a loan, you can confidently (and politely) laugh at the prospect.

We'll get you approved for a good loan at a rate that's fair, all things considered. No beating around the bush.

It's quick, so you can get moving (literally)

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The joy of working on a digital platform is the ability to get things done on the fly. No commute to the bank and no waiting in line to eat up your Friday afternoon.

Foreign customers can get pre-qualified for a loan quickly with Milo. The application process itself takes mere minutes, and you'll hear back about your status in just days.

In short, we offer the speed of a private lender without the crazy interest rates to go along.

Unwavering bank-level security

If you're concerned about all that private information you're sharing on the web, we don't blame you. Digital security is a real concern and one we take very seriously.

You can rest assured knowing that your personal information is in good hands. Your privacy is one of our biggest priorities at Milo.

Pair this with better customer service (no, we won't let a robot troubleshoot your problem) and you've got yourself a digital platform with all the fixings of a bank but none of the bias.

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When faced with challenges in the mortgage lending industry, Milo is your answer

At Milo, we firmly believe that you should have the opportunity to secure high-quality home loans and invest in US properties, regardless of whether you possess a social security number or not.

We offer competitive advantages that set us apart. From the convenience of completing your application fully online to the ability to close remotely in less than 30 days, we strive to provide unmatched services. If you are interested in learning more about our loan products and how we can assist you as a foreign consumer, please reach out to us via email at Alternatively, you can apply for a home loan today, right from the comfort of your computer.

The opinions expressed in the Blog are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product.


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