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Canadian investor secures flip property with a cash-out refinance

By Colin McMahon

March 26, 2024 4 min read

Canadian investor secures flip property with a cash-out refinance

In the vibrant and competitive real estate market of Marco Island, timing and agility are everything—especially for an investor looking to flip properties. This narrative begins with a Canadian investor, newly relocated to the US, who stumbled upon a promising flip opportunity: a single-family home valued at $400,000. Without two years of income filed on US tax returns, traditional financing routes were nearly impossible to navigate. His journey to securing a mortgage with Milo exemplifies the innovative solutions and swift actions essential in the fast-paced world of real estate flipping.

The investor’s path led him to Milo through an online search for loan options available to Canadians in the U.S. He found himself in a race against time, having identified a great deal on a property near his new residence in Houston, Texas. The challenge was not just finding financing but finding it quickly enough to make a cash offer for both the purchase and the subsequent renovation costs—a critical step in turning a profit on a flip.

Traditional financing was not an option, given the speed required and the investor's unique financial situation. Here, Milo saw an opportunity to leverage the investor's assets creatively. The solution was a cash-out refinancing on a property the investor-owned outright, free and clear of any mortgages. This strategy is not commonly known to the average consumer: it involves taking a new mortgage on a fully owned property to extract equity in cash, which can then be used for other investments.

Our team’s approach allowed the investor to come in with a cash offer on the new flip opportunity, a move that dramatically increased the attractiveness of the bid in today’s market. We managed to structure a 40% Loan-to-Value (LTV) cash-out refinance that closed in under 30 days—remarkably swift in the mortgage world. Additionally, the mortgage was set on a 30-year term, offering a much more favorable rate than a bridge loan. Bridge loans are typically short-term, higher-interest loans used in real estate to bridge the gap until permanent financing is secured but come with less favorable terms.

In the end, the investor was able to proceed with his investment strategy without delay, a testament to Milo’s commitment to providing flexible and timely solutions to its clients. This experience illustrates the pivotal role of innovative financing in turning real estate challenges into profitable opportunities.

For those looking to dive into the real estate market, whether for flipping houses or other investment ventures, Milo stands ready to offer tailored solutions that transcend conventional financing barriers. Reach out to us at and let us help you navigate your investment journey with confidence and speed.

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