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Meet Doorvest: A Simplified Real Estate Tool for International Investors

By Josip Rupena

May 8, 2024 6 min read

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Meet Doorvest: A Simplified Real Estate Tool for International Investors

At Milo, we're committed to demystifying the U.S. real estate investment process for foreign nationals. We understand that navigating the complexities of overseas investment can be daunting, so we continuously seek services that align with our mission to simplify this experience. Doorvest represents a perfect match for our technology-driven solutions, offering a seamless process tailored for those new to the U.S. investment property market.

Introduction to Doorvest

Doorvest offers a streamlined, full-service approach to real estate investing, designed with the international investor in mind. This innovative platform simplifies the process by handling everything from property acquisition to managing renovations and ultimately overseeing property management once the rental process begins. For foreign nationals interested in the U.S. real estate market but deterred by the complexities and management concerns of investing abroad, Doorvest presents a viable, hands-off solution.

How Doorvest Streamlines Real Estate Investing

  • Property Selection: Doorvest simplifies property selection through its marketplace, which features single-family homes that have been acquired after being vetted through a rigorous process. This includes detailed market analysis to identify high-potential locations and a comprehensive underwriting model that evaluates neighborhood quality, crime rates, school districts, and hundreds of other data points. By selecting only the top properties, Doorvest ensures quality investments for its clients.

  • Financing and Closing: Financing your investment is straightforward with Doorvest’s collaboration with reputable lenders who offer a range of mortgage solutions tailored to meet diverse financial needs. These include conventional loans and DSCR loans, which are based on the property's rental income, ensuring a fit for various investor profiles. With clear timelines and expert guidance from these seasoned professionals, the closing process is designed to be seamless and stress-free. This setup positions investors for a smooth transition from purchase to ownership, backed by reliable financing options.

  • Getting ready to rent: Once renovations are complete, Doorvest’s Success team steps in to manage everything from photography for listings to screening tenants and finalizing leases. Some properties may even be rented before the closing is finalized, ensuring a quicker return on investment.

Unique Benefits for International Investors

  • Fully Turnkey: Doorvest specializes in remote investing, so you never need to be in person. You purchase a rent-ready property (financed through Milo) and they will even lease/property manage on your behalf.
  • Guarantees: For more peace of mind as an international buyer, Doorvest guarantees rental income for 3 months and renovations for a full year.

The Investment Potential With properties averaging around $225,000 on their platform, Doorvest offers a practical entry point for those new to real estate investing. The potential for significant returns—up to 1,923% over 30 years—makes it an attractive option for building wealth. Doorvest currently operates in key growth markets including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Columbus, Tulsa, and Cincinnati, with plans to expand further. This geographic diversity allows investors to choose markets that best fit their investment goals while benefiting from Doorvest’s expert management.

Ready to Invest? If you're a foreign investor looking to easily enter the U.S. real estate market, consider how services like Doorvest streamline property management and renovations, complemented by Milo's expertise in financing solutions. Both aim to support global investors in building wealth through accessible and simplified processes. To learn more about how these services can enhance your investment strategy and discuss potential financing solutions, book a call with us today. We're here to help you navigate your investment journey with confidence and insight.

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