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The potential advantages of bridge loans for foreign investors

By Milo

November 27, 2023 7 min read

The potential advantages of bridge loans for foreign investors

The U.S. real estate market has always been a prime attraction for investors worldwide. However, as foreign nationals aim to invest in hotspots like New York, California, or Florida, they often grapple with the intricacies of traditional financing. This is where bridge loans, especially those tailored for non-residents, come into play.


  • Bridge loans explained
  • Challenges of traditional financing for foreign nationals
  • Milo's specialized bridge loan program
  • Real-world applications and advantages
  • Who should consider a bridge loan?

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What is a bridge loan?

A bridge loan is a short-term financial solution, designed to bridge the gap between the purchase of a new property and the sale of an existing one 1. This immediacy is especially crucial for foreign nationals maneuvering the dynamic U.S. property market.

Bridge vs. traditional financing for foreign nationals

When foreign nationals aspire to invest in U.S. real estate, they frequently resort to purchasing in cash due to the inherent difficulties posed by conventional mortgages. Such mortgages tend to cater primarily, if not exclusively, to the domestic U.S. audience2.

Opting for a cash purchase can be limiting; It might constrain further investment opportunities, compel liquidation of stocks, or merely adjust an investor's portfolio rather than expand it.

The alternative? Large private banks that offer tantalizingly low rates. However, these rates are often relationship-driven incentives. To unlock them, investors typically need to transfer significant assets or funds for the bank's private wealth management, coupled with proof of a high income. These stringent parameters present yet another set of barriers, especially for those under time constraints.

Milo's solution to bridge the financing gap

Milo's bridge loan mortgage program is tailored to address these challenges. Offering fast mortgage financing, it's the panacea for those requiring quick closures. This program is not entangled in red tape – Milo emphasizes assets and collateral over traditional markers like personal income.

Crafted for a term of 1 to 2 years and with the potential to close deals within just 10 days, Milo's program provides foreign investors with the agility they desperately seek in the competitive U.S. property landscape.

Milo's bridge loan program: A case study in swift financing

Milo's commitment to providing swift, flexible financing for foreign national investors isn't just a claim—it's a proven track record. A recent case study illuminates Milo's prowess in this domain.

An ultra-high-net-worth investor from Latin America found themselves at a crossroads. Referred to Milo by their trusted financial advisor, they were on the cusp of time-sensitive business investment, with the necessity to swiftly tap into the equity of their luxury Miami condo. Valued at a staggering $19 million, this waterfront property could have easily become a bottleneck in traditional financing avenues.

Why? Because jumbo loans, especially those tailored for foreign nationals with intricate income structures, come with their own set of challenges. Big banks typically demand a 45-60 day window to close mortgages exceeding $3 million. For an investor racing against time, such timelines can be deal-breakers.

But this is where Milo shines. The bridge loan program, honed for speed and adaptability, swung into action. The result? A swift $2.5 million cash-out refinance on the condo, executed in a mere 10 days. The investor, with funds in hand, seamlessly capitalized on their looming investment opportunity.

It's not just about speed. Milo's bridge loans epitomize flexibility. With prerequisites of only 3 months of interest reserves upfront and the absence of prepayment penalties, it offers unparalleled advantages. In the high-stakes world of real estate, where opportunities are fleeting, Milo's rapid 10-day bridge loan closings can make or break an investment.

Who is a bridge loan ideal for?

Bridge loans cater to those on tight timelines, those unable to meet traditional loan requirements, or investors not keen on committing vast sums to a single purchase immediately. When weighing the slightly higher rates that bridge loans might carry, it's essential to look at the bigger picture. The marginal difference—say, paying 2-4% more—should be juxtaposed against the opportunity cost of missing a prime property deal. Traditional financing, with its extended underwriting and documentation demands, often isn't feasible for investors racing against time.

Opportunity costs and perspective

The rates associated with bridge loans, although potentially higher, are a small price for the speed and convenience offered. Differences in the interest rates between Bridge Loans and Conventional loans should be viewed in consideration of the potential benefits and opportunities provided by a bridge loan, such as being able to take advantage of deals through a shortened loan processing timeline3.

For foreign national investors, securing U.S. real estate is a nuanced journey. It's not just about rates; it's about time, opportunity, and adaptability. Milo's bridge loan program recognizes these intricacies, offering a financial solution tailored for the global investors of today. In a market as dynamic as the U.S., having a financial partner that understands these challenges can make all the difference.

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